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Jena Berenberg

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Jena Berenberg


Jena studied at Aveda Institute Minneapolis and also with several holistic practitioners in Belize, Central America. Drawing on over ten years of skincare experience as an Esthetician, Jena loves to wax, loves to train professionals in the field and is always keeping up to date on new techniques! Jena is a licensed Master Esthetician, Certified Lash Extension Specialist and Certified Brow Ambassador and Brow Extension Specialist.  When Jena is not at Wax & Wane, she loves to spend time with her dogs, Maya & Moose and loves live music, travel, bicycling, swimming and painting.



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I recently had the pleasure of receiving a bikini wax from Jena. As all of the other reviewers have stated, she is awesome and the service was pretty much pain-free. It is obvious that she has experience in her field and has performed these services many times. I was very happy with all aspects. I came in on time and was taken back almost right away after filling out the form. I also want to mention that I did not get any ingrowns and my re-growth is very slow. Thanks so much Jena!


I am a waxing noob so I can't compare it to other places, but my experience here was spectacular. First off, even though I'm a new client, I just had to fill out this 1 form and was taken into the wax room 1 minute later. Most on-time appointment ever. Secondly, this was my first Brazilian so I was pretty nervous, but Jena was so nice, talked me through it, and made sure I was okay the whole time. She was also a pro - I was in and out in 20 minutes, even though it's blocked off for 45 minutes. I appreciate that they allot more time than necessary just to make sure nothing is rushed...


Wish I had gone sooner, these women are great. I had my first brow shaping with Jena, who was stellar. The least painful wax I've ever had and super quick. From the receptionist to the service everyone works hard at making you feel accommodated and comfortable, and are kind enough to send easy text reminders of appt. They are the real deal, and now I'm obsessed and can't wait to go back, which is usually the opposite for waxing services.

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