Katie Hauser

Salon Manager

As a Savannah native, I am thrilled to have recently returned home after spending the last decade working and living in different states. My journey has taken me from coast to coast and shaped me into the person that I am today. I am beyond excited to have joined the Wax & Wane team at the beginning of March. As an avid waxer, and self-appointed early adopter, I believe that everyone deserves an exceptional wax from an esthetician they love. I am honored to work with such talented, driven women who are dedicated to helping us all confidently show off our skin!

After completing my Bachelor’s degree at the College of Charleston, I felt myself called to the West Coast where I was presented with an unusual opportunity to teach aboard a schooner in the San Francisco Bay. Though I had never sailed a day in my life, I embraced this opportunity. I followed this path to Baltimore where I met my husband on my first day of work! Even though sailing with the love of your life may sound like a dream, I began searching for the next step in my career.

Baltimore proved to be a launching pad, as my work for an online grocery retailer introduced me to local artisans and farmers. My new found love of fresh, local, organic foods encouraged me to become the avid home cook that I am today. Despite our happy life in Baltimore, California beckoned us back so that my husband could obtain his Master’s degree in Education. We found ourselves in Santa Cruz where we focused on building our life together. My work as the Office Manager at a physical therapy clinic proved to be the perfect fit. Throughout the three years I spent there, I embraced the challenges and sought to affect palpable change when I was able. Unfortunately, the reality of being life-long renters in California did not match our vision for the future so over the summer of 2019, we packed up our life and drove across the country to my hometown to start anew one last time.

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