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Wax and Wane Waxing Salon is devoted to making the task of hair removal an experience that is not only accessible but also pleasant. The atmosphere at Wax and Wane Waxing Salon is one of competence and comfort. Our mission is to provide professional, detailed, educational based services with a high level of care. Wax and Wane Waxing Salon is proud to tailor each service to each individual client’s expectations. This way, instead of a dreaded appointment, each visit to Wax and Wane Waxing Salon is a positive and relaxing experience.

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About Us

Wax and Wane provides head to toe waxing services for both men and women, and offers both hard wax and soft wax hair removal. In such a busy world, pampering often comes last to everything else, mostly because the ability to pamper ourselves seems so difficult to attain: it’s too difficult to make an appointment; it’s too difficult to decide what is needed; the salon is too far away. The list of excuses can seem endless. Wax and Wane looks to change the notion that pampering is less accessible by being a progressive hair removal salon that is waxing-exclusive.

Located in the Starland District of beautiful Savannah, Georgia, this rapidly-growing area of Savannah is located between the Midtown/Ardsley Park area of Savannah and Historic Downtown Savannah. With such a close proximity to two of Savannah’s most popular areas and the superior level of skill and service, it’s no surprise that our staff has been voted Savannah’s top waxing salon by Savannah residents.