Men's Waxing Services

Feel Good

Waxing Services From Head To Toe



Remove hair from the back of neck up to your hairline and make hair cuts last longer!


Brow Shaping

Wax, trim and tweeze your brows to perfection.



Zap the hairs from your inner nostril in this (surprisingly) painless service!



Remove the unsightly hairs from the ear area.


The estheticians at Wax and Wane Waxing Salon have an abundance of product knowledge.They also have established a variety of techniques. The staff at Wax and Wane Waxing Salon recognize the importance of excellent communication skills with clients and customers, and treat each and every client with courtesy and compassion while maintaining a high standard of professionalism. Wax and Wane Waxing Salon offers personalized and detailed waxing services in a clean, professional and relaxing setting. But more importantly, Wax and Wane offers a premium Savannah waxing experience by ensuring that clients customers are educated on each and every part of the hair removal process.