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 Wax and Wane Waxing Salon provides head to toe waxing services for both men and women, and offers both hard wax and soft wax hair removal. In such a  busy world, pampering often comes last to everything else, mostly because the ability to pamper ourselves seems so difficult to attain: it’s too difficult to make an appointment; it’s too difficult to decide what is needed; the salon is too far away. The list of excuses can seem endless. Wax and Wane Waxing Salon looks to change the notion that pampering is less accessible by being a progressive hair removal salon that is waxing-exclusive. Wax and Wane Waxing Salon is located near Downtown Savannah, which makes it easily accessible in terms of location, and appointments can be made online.

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Tuesday and Wednesday: 10-7
Thursday: 11-8
Friday: 9-6
Saturday: 9-5
Closed Sundays and Mondays


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